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Spanish Numbers

This page is an overview of Spanish numbers. Like in English and other languages, learning numbers requires memorizing the smallest ones (up to 10) and then understanding the patterns used to combine them into bigger numbers. 0 to 10 Here are the basic Spanish numbers from zero to ten. Even [more...]

Spanish Pronouns

This is a complete overview of Spanish pronouns. It can be used for reference, or for basic understanding of the different types of pronouns and their use in the language. Follow the links for more detailed explanation, rules, and examples for each group. Different types of Spanish pronouns There are [more...]

Spanish Prepositions

This is an overview of Spanish prepositions. Below they are listed alphabetically for easier navigation, but that full list may be a bit overwhelming for beginners, so let's first include the 16 most frequently used Spanish prepositions, ordered by frequency of use. If you only learn these, you can go [more...]

Spanish Conjunctions

This is an overview of Spanish conjunctions. First all of them are listed alphabetically for reference, followed by more detailed explanation and rules. All Spanish conjunctions aunque = although, though como = like, as cuando = when donde = where e = and (before i- or hi-) entonces = then mas = but (more formal) mientras = while, [more...]

Spanish Verbs

This is an overview of Spanish verbs. Most common Spanish verbs This is a list of most common Spanish verbs (sorted by approximate frequency of use): ser = to be estar = to be (situated) haber = to have tener = to have hacer = to do, make poder = to can, be able to decir = [more...]

Dates in Spanish

This is an overview of the rules and conventions for writing and saying dates in Spanish. Spanish months enero = January febrero = February marzo = March abril = April mayo = May junio = June julio = July agosto = August septiembre = September octubre = October noviembre = November diciembre = December Here you can find more, including rules of [more...]

Spanish Weekdays

This is an overview of Spanish weekdays. We will also look at the origin of the words, their common abbreviations, and basic rules for the use of weekdays in the Spanish language. Spanish weekdays from Monday to Sunday lunes = Monday martes = Tuesday miércoles = Wednesday jueves = Thursday viernes = Friday sá [more...]

Spanish Months

This page lists Spanish words for months and explains basic rules for using them, such as (non-)capitalization, prepositions, and articles. Spanish words for months enero = January febrero = February marzo = March abril = April mayo = May junio = June julio = July agosto = August septiembre = September octubre = October noviembre = November diciembre = December Common [more...]

Spanish Colors

This page lists Spanish words for the most common (and some less common) colors. It also explains how to use colors to describe things, most importantly the different endings based on gender. Spanish words for colors blanco = white negro = black gris = gray rojo = red verde = green azul = blue amarillo = yellow [more...]

Spanish Greetings

This page explains when to use different Spanish greetings, mainly with repect to culture and how formal or informal the situation is. Formal vs. informal Spanish greetings There are two ways of addressing people in Spanish: formal (usted) informal (tú) Use formal when you speak with young people, friends, and [more...]

I Love You in Spanish (and Its Variations)

This page explains the many ways how you can say I love you and express love in Spanish. How to say I love you in Spanish The best known and quite universal way of saying "I love you" in Spanish is: Te quiero. Te means you. Quiero is the first [more...]

Spanish Words That Start with X

X is not a totally uncommon letter in the Spanish language – there are many words containing X in the middle. But if you are looking for Spanish words that start with X, it is not that easy. Look for foreign prefixes Most of these words have prefixes of foreign origin, [more...]

Spanish Speaking Countries: Where People Speak Spanish

Spain was a global superpower throughout several centuries. Many parts of the world, including especially the American continent, were first explored and conquered under the Spanish flag by Spanish speakers (though Columbus himself was born in Italy). As a result, there are about 350 million Spanish native speakers in the [more...]

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