Spanish Words That Start with X

X is not a totally uncommon letter in the Spanish language – there are many words containing X in the middle. But if you are looking for Spanish words that start with X, it is not that easy.

Look for foreign prefixes

Most of these words have prefixes of foreign origin, for example:

xeno- (foreign, other)
xero- (dry)
xylo- (wood) – typically changes to xilo- or xiló- in Spanish

Spanish nouns that start with X

Using these prefixes, the following are some of the most common Spanish nouns that start with X:

xenofobia (la) = xenophobia (fear of foreigners)
xenolito (el) = xenolith (a kind of rock)
xerofito, xerofítico = xerophilous (dry climate) plant
xerofilia (la) = quality of xerophilous plants
xilófono (el) = xylophone (a musical instrument made of wood)
xilórgano (el) = older version of xylophone
xilógeno (el) = lignite (also called lignito in Spanish, a sort of coal)
xilografía (la) = woodcut (xylography)
xilógrafo (el) = woodcutter (xylographist)
xilómetro (el) = xylometer
xiloquímica (la) = xylochem industries

Spanish adjectives that start with X

These are adjectives relating to some of the above listed nouns (plus some more adjectives with other prefixes):

xenófobo = xenophobic
xerófilo = xerophilous (liking dry climate)
xilográfico = xilographic
xiloideo = xyloid (resembling wood)
xantocromático = xanthochromic (yellowish)
xifoide, xifoideo = xiphoid (shaped like a sword)

Verbs and other words in Spanish that start with X

Other types of Spanish words that start with X besides nouns and adjectives are very scarce. There is one verb:

xilograbar = to make woodcuts

X is also sometimes used as abbreviation for miércoles (Wednesday), because there are two Spanish weekdays which start with M (martes and miércoles).

Spanish names that start with X

There are a few Spanish names that begin with X, for example:

  • Xavier (very common)
  • Xiomara
  • Ximena
  • Xavador

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