Spanish Words That Start with X

Words starting with X in Spanish: look for foreign prefixes

X is not a totally uncommon letter in the Spanish language – there are many words containing X in the middle. But if you are looking for Spanish words that start with X, it is not that easy. Most of these words have prefixes of foreign origin, for exmaple:

  • xeno- (foreign, other)
  • xero- (dry)
  • xylo- (wood) – typically changes to xilo- or xiló- in Spanish

Spanish nouns that start with X

Using these prefixes, the following are some of the most common Spanish nouns that start with X:

  • xenofobia (la) = xenophobia (fear of foreigners)
  • xenolito (el) = xenolith (a kind of rock)
  • xerofito, xerofítico = xerophilous (dry climate) plant
  • xerofilia (la) = quality of xerophilous plants
  • xilófono (el) = xylophone (a musical instrument made of wood)
  • xilórgano (el) = older version of xylophone
  • xilógeno (el) = lignite (also called lignito in Spanish, a sort of coal)
  • xilografía (la) = woodcut (xylography)
  • xilógrafo (el) = woodcutter (xylographist)
  • xilómetro (el) = xylometer
  • xiloquímica (la) = xylochem industries

Spanish adjectives that start with X

These are adjectives relating to some of the above listed nouns (plus some more adjectives with other prefixes):

  • xenófobo = xenophobic
  • xerófilo = xerophilous (liking dry climate)
  • xilográfico = xilographic
  • xiloideo = xyloid (resembling wood)
  • xantocromático = xanthochromic (yellowish)
  • xifoide, xifoideo = xiphoid (shaped like a sword)

Verbs and other words in Spanish that start with X

Other types of Spanish words that start with X besides nouns and adjectives are very scarce. One verb:

  • xilograbar = to make woodcuts

Spanish names that start with X

There are a few Spanish names that begin with X, e.g. Xavier (very common), Xiomara, Ximena, or Xavador.