Spanish Verbs

This is an overview of Spanish verbs.

Most common Spanish verbs

This is a list of most common Spanish verbs (sorted by approximate frequency of use):

ser = to be
estar = to be (situated)
haber = to have
tener = to have
hacer = to do, make
poder = to can, be able to
decir = to tell, say
ir = to go
ver = to see
dar = to give
saber = to know
querer = to want, love
llegar = to arrive
pasar = to pass, spend (time)
deber = to owe
poner = to put, get
parecer = to seem, look like
quedar = to remain, stay
creer = to believe, think
hablar = to speak, talk
llevar = to take, carry
dejar = to let, leave
seguir = to follow, keep on
encontrar = to find
llamar = to call, name
venir = to come
pensar = to think
salir = to leave, go out
volver = to return, to V again
tomar = to take, drink
conocer = to know
vivir = to live
sentir = to feel, regret
tratar = to try, treat, deal with
mirar = to look, watch
contar = to tell, count
empezar = to begin, start
esperar = to wait, hope, expect
buscar = to look for
existir = to exist
entrar = to enter
trabajar = to work
escribir = to write
perder = to lose, miss
producir = to produce, cause
ocurrir = to happen, occur
entender = to understand
pedir = to ask for, request
recibir = to receive
recordar = to remember, remind
terminar = to finish, end
permitir = to allow, permit
aparecer = to appear
conseguir = to get, acquire, obtain
comenzar = to begin, start
servir = to serve
sacar = to take
necesitar = to need
mantener = to keep, maintain
resultar = to result, turn out
leer = to read
caer = to fall
cambiar = to change
presentar = to introduce, present
crear = to create
abrir = to open

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