My Heart Is Broken in Spanish

Sometimes you may say "I love you" but don't get the reponse you hoped for. The following are a few ways to say that your heart is broken in Spanish.

How to say "My heart is broken" in Spanish

"My heart is broken" in Spanish is:

Mi corazón está roto.

mi = my
corazón = heart
está = is
roto = broken

Other variations of "My heart is broken" in Spanish

Probably the most popular alternative to Mi corazón está roto is:

Mi corazón está partido.

Partido means broken or split. It is derived from the verb partir (to break, divide, or split).

Another alternative in some regions is:

Mi corazón está quebrado.

Quebrado means broken or bust. It is derived from the verb quebrar, which also means to go bankrupt.

Evanescence My Heart Is Broken song lyrics in Spanish

If you are looking for the Spanish translation of the lyrics of the Evanescence song "My Heart Is Broken" see:

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