Spanish Words That Start with A

Like in other languages, A is a very important letter in Spanish. It is the first letter of the alphabet and one of the few vowels. There are lots of Spanish words that start with A, including some of the most frequently used words. The following are examples of Spanish adjectives, nouns, verbs, and other words that begin with A.

Spanish adjectives that start with A

amable = nice
alegre = happy
azul = blue
anaranjado = orange
alto = high, tall
abierto = open

Spanish nouns that start with A

agua (el) = water
aire (el) = air
aeropuerto (el) = airport
avión (el) = airplane
auto (el) or automóvil (el) = car
autobús (el) = bus
año (el) = year
amigo (el) = friend
amor (el) = love
árbol (el) = tree
abuelo (el) = grandfather
abuela (la) = grandmother
arte (el or la) = art

Spanish verbs that start with A

abrir = to open
ayudar = to help
andar = to walk
amar = to love
aceptar = to accept
alabar = to praise
asombrar = to surprise, to amaze
arreglar = to arrange

Other Spanish words that start with A

There are many adjectives, nouns, and verbs that begin with A in Spanish, but some of the most commonly used Spanish words that start with A are adverbs, pronouns, and prepositions:

aquí = here
ahora = now
ayer = yesterday
algo = something, anything
alguna vez = once, sometime
algún, alguno, alguna, algunos, algunas = some, any
alguien = someone, somebody
antes, antes de = before
acá = over here
adelante = in front
al lado = beside
a, al = to

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