Spanish Words That Start with Y

This page is an overview of Spanish words that start with the letter Y.

Most common Spanish words that start with Y

There are three words that begin with Y and are among the most commonly used words in the Spanish language. They are:

y = and (conjunction)
yo = I (personal pronoun)
ya = usually an adverb which means now, already, or still, and is frequently used as a filler word (sorta, kinda, like, you know… type of words) or to put more stress or emotion on a statement in spoken Spanish

Although you will hear at least one of the above three words in virtually every Spanish conversation, coming up with more (and longer) words that start with Y gets much harder. Most likely you will find nouns.

Spanish nouns that start with Y

yacimiento (el) = resource
yate (el) = yacht
yedra (la) = ivy (plant; also spelled hiedra in Spanish)
yegua (la) = female horse
yema (la) = bud
yerno (el) = son-in-law
yeso (el) = plaster; gypsum
yodo (el) = iodine
yoga (el) = yoga
yogur (el) = yoghurt
yuca (la) = yucca, cassava
yunque (el) = anvil

Many of these words have foreign origin and have been adjusted a bit to better fit in the Spanish language (for instance: yogur = yoghurt). Another beautiful foreign origin word is Yanqui = Yankee.

Spanish adjectives that start with Y

Adjectives that start with Y are very hard to find. One example:

yugular = jugular

Spanish verbs that start with Y

Only one verb starting with Y comes to mind, but it is also quite commonly used:

yacer = to lie

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