Spanish Words That Start with Y

3 short and very common Spanish words that start with Y

There are 3 words that begin with Y and are among the most commonly used words in the Spanish language. They are:

  • y = and (conjunction)
  • yo = I (personal pronoun)
  • ya – usually an adverb which means now, already, or still, and is frequently used as a filler word (sorta, kinda, like, you know… type of words) or to put more stress or emotion on a statement in spoken Spanish

Other Spanish words that start with Y

Although you will hear at least one of the above three words in virtually every Spanish conversation, coming up with more (and longer) words that start with Y gets much harder, although some of them are also relatively frequently used. Most likely you will find nouns.

Spanish nouns that start with Y

  • yacimiento (el) = resource
  • yate (el) = yacht
  • yedra (la) = ivy (plant; also called hiedra in Spanish)
  • yegua (la) = female horse
  • yema (la) = bud
  • yerno (el) = son-in-law
  • yeso (el) = plaster; gypsum
  • yodo (el) = iodine
  • yoga (el) = yoga
  • yogur (el) = yoghurt
  • yuca (la) = yucca, cassava
  • yunque (el) = anvil

As you can see, many of these words have foreign origin and were adjusted a bit to better fit in the Spanish language (e.g. yogur = yoghurt). Another beautiful foreign origin and “Spanished” word is Yanqui = Yankee.

Spanish adjectives that start with Y

Adjectives that start with Y are very hard to find. One example:

  • yugular = jugular

Spanish verbs that start with Y

Only one verb starting with Y comes to mind, but it is also quite commonly used:

  • yacer = to lie